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About Elisan Partners

Elisan Partners is a leadership, business agility and agile marketing consultancy. We work with organisations to help develop effective modern leaders and Agile-enabled workplaces that are more focused, productive and healthier.

Our goal is to help you create Workplace Happiness.

We do this by helping leaders and teams develop better understanding of Agile Leadership, True Customer-centricity and Complexity Thinking. We coach leaders and teams to embrace the agile mindset and develop better ways of working and thinking.

We consult and deliver our learning & coaching experiences for clients in Singapore, across the Asian region and beyond.

Distinguished clients we work with

Elisan Partners is proud to present Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop in Singapore and the region.

Join this learning experience to transform your approach to Leadership & Management that is suited to today's world of work.

ICAgile-Accredited Business Agility Foundations & Agile Marketing Training Workshops

Elisan Partners is proud to be the first ICAgile Member Organisation authorised to deliver both ICAgile Certified Professional in Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF) and ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Marketing (ICP-MKG) certification training.

Why Lego serious play?

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a powerful facilitation methodology designed to enhance innovation and business performance. By using LEGO bricks, and encouraging 100% individual participation, teams can transform insights and awareness into eventual commitment and shared goals.

Upcoming Public Programs

'Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop'

2-day Redefining Leadership & Management Workshop

Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop is a fun and interactive 2-day learning experience to discover and practise proactive leadership in today’s complex environments. You will learn practical people leadership and work management tools, practices and games that you can run or implement the day after.

Upcoming workshop dates:

  • Singapore: 1-2 November 2019
  • Singapore: 6-7 December 2019
  • Singapore: 30-31 January 2020
  • Singapore: 26-27 March 2020

'Business Agility for Leaders, Managers & Teams'

2-day Business Agility Foundations Training Workshop

This 2-day training workshop is an interactive learning journey that helps leaders, managers and their teams understand Agile philosophies and better ways of working and thinking. It is the first step towards helping organisations improve its focus on purpose, productivity and effectiveness.

Upcoming training dates:

  • Singapore: 10-11 September 2019
  • Singapore: 16-17 October 2019
  • Seoul: 23-24 October 2019
  • Jakarta: 25-26 November 2019 (HR practitioner-focused)
  • Bangkok: 28-29 November 2019 (HR practitioner-focused)
  • Penang: 12-13 December 2019 (HR practitioner-focused)

'Marketing Agility for Leaders, Managers & Teams'

2-day Agile Marketing Management Training Workshop

This 2-day training workshop is for marketing leaders and managers who are looking to develop and nurture their marketing talents into highly Agile and Customer-centric marketing teams. The workshop will help marketing leaders identify a modern marketing management approach that allows them to focus on making strategic decisions while simultaneously develop a working relationship with their marketing team based on deep trust and transparency.

Upcoming training dates:

  • Singapore: 25-26 September 2019
  • Singapore: 30-31 October 2019