Agile Marketing Mini Seminar

Re-Thinking Marketing Management: Is Agility the Answer to Marketing Complexity?

Overworked. Stressed up. Chaos.

If this is familiar to you, there’s a high chance you’re a modern marketing leader or professional in a rapidly changing environment, constantly playing catch up. Client or business' demands and expectations dictate our daily mode of operations, leaving little room for reflection, learning and, ultimately, growth. New digital technologies keep cropping up demanding our attention. At the same time, our business-as-usual commitment dictates that we remain responsible in ensuring traditional marketing channels are ticking and performing well.

Inevitably, you and your team are overstretched, resulting in delayed or frantically delivered marketing projects and tasks. 

  • Is this healthy in the long run? Surely not, team morale and health will be affected!
  • Have you paused to wonder if you're doing too much for too little returns?
  • What value to the business or client are you actually producing? Are you actually producing quality work?

In this interactive mini-seminar, Isman Tanuri will make a stand on why rethinking current marketing management practices is paramount. He will speak about the need for Marketing to consciously return to Customer-centricity and discuss the organisational Agile transformation that is gaining pace in global organisations such as ING, Microsoft, Barclays and Ericsson. He will share how progressive marketing leaders are implementing Agile ways of working to achieve more while doing less and, in the process, create sustainable, healthy and driven marketing teams.

Discussion Topics

  • Revisiting Marketing Management
  • The Agile Mindset
  • A Return to Customer-Centricity
  • Agile Ways of Working - Frameworks and Practices

The venue for this mini-seminar has been kindly sponsored by Text100 Singapore.

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