Developing Team Agility

Agile & Relationship Systems Coaching Program

Program overview

As organisations become more aware of the economic realities of today's fast changing and unpredictable world, many have turned to Agile organisational structures and ways of working to become more adaptable and resilient in the face of adversity and competition. High-performing Agile teams are now the preferred work units in many of these organisations.

Re-structuring business functions around Agile frameworks and practices alone is not sufficient in delivering the high productivity and effectiveness expected of Agile. The unlocking key to Agile success is a high focus on helping people and their teams make incremental change and transition into their new ways of working.


Helping Teams Grow

About The Program

Elisan Partners provides an Agile ways of working team coaching solution that also develops the interpersonal relationships among the team's leaders and members. This Relationship Systems-focused coaching approach helps to create psychologically-safe workplaces that are pre-requisites to developing high performing and productive teams.

At the same time, our Agile & Relationship Systems Team Coaching program is a dual-track program (Leadership & Team) that simultaneously prepares everyone to transition to a self-organising and cross-functional team environment.

Our Agile coaching team is made up of qualified team facilitators with extensive corporate experiences across diverse industries and business functions. We have worked with organisations at various stages of Agile adoption and are able to adapt Agile frameworks and practices to various business teams, including Marketing, Human Resource and IT Development.

Our Agile & Relationship Systems Team Coaching program is a co-designed effort with the client to ensure 100% of the client's goals are considered.

With business and organisational insights from the client, we will develop a structured Agile learning and practising program for the teams over the required time frame agreed with the client.

  • For organisations who are embarking on Agile transformation projects and require expert implementation help
  • For leaders who want their organisations and teams to deliver higher performance and productivity by adopting Agile ways of working
  • For teams who are looking to learn and transition into Agile ways of working
  • During this coaching program, our coaches provide Agile training, event facilitation and coaching support for your team onsite or online, if necessary, and covers the following:

    • Agile mindset training & coaching
    • Agile frameworks training & coaching
    • Support for planning and facilitating highly effective and efficient work events and meetings
    • Support for designing and implementing Agile work practices to increase transparency, trust and motivation among team members
    • Support for designing team competency framework and measuring team performance
    • Coaching support for both leadership and teams to resolve conflicts, communication issues and engagement challenges using systemic team coaching methods
    • Coaching support for team's ScrumMaster/Agile Coach candidates

    Our team will deliver training, facilitation support and coaching in these areas:

    • Teaming Principles for Agile ways of working
    • Leadership Guidance for Agile transition
    • Scrum
    • Lean Kanban
    • Design Thinking
    • Story Mapping
    • OKR (Objectives & Key Results)
    • Train-the-ScrumMaster/Agile Coach designates
    • And others as necessary to meet program goals

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