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This Elisan Partners Live Online Training Workshop is a facilitated and highly interactive learning experience, not an online lecture or webinar. Active participation is key to effective learning!

Live Online Training Workshop

Introduction to Agile for Business Professionals

How to manage VUCA and increase business effectiveness and productivity in challenging times

Course overview

As recent events have shown, the world as we know is constantly being disrupted, both positively and negatively. VUCA, or volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, is the norm in many workplaces and organisations. How do we deal with this? How do we remain effective and productive in such challenging conditions?

In this live online training workshop, business professionals will learn why embracing Agile is becoming a rite of passage for many organisations, big and small. Understand what are the values and principles of Agile that can help in managing business and work in complex environments.

Participants will also learn how to make use of the Cynefin model to make effective and sustainable decisions. To be able to practise Agile values & principles immediately, participants will also learn Kanban, a work management system that helps to increase focus and productivity, and, more importantly, Customer-Outcomes.

Introduction to Agile for Business Professionals

This 2-Module progressive learning program will help you to:

  • Understand Agile fundamentals that are applicable for business and corporate work life
  • Understand how to operate in complex business and working environments using a simple decision-making tool (Cynefin)
  • Create an effective work system (Kanban) to improve or increase personal or team productivity and overall focus

Check detailed 'Workshop Topics' below

Who Should Attend:

  • Business professionals who are keen to learn about Agile and how to response with agility during times of crisis or complex work situations
  • Business professionals who are keen to increase their effectiveness and productivity

At a glance

  • Two 2-hour live online training workshop sessions at your convenience
  • Learn from a leadership & business agility expert with extensive experience in business team coaching and people facilitation
  • Experience effective remote working facilitation using the best online collaboration and communication tools
  • Small class with maximum 16 participants per session; Participants will periodically breakout in small groups for deeper learning and peer discussions
  • Multiple short workshop sessions for optimal focus and online learning experience
  • Modular live sessions for the busy executive

Additional Benefits

  • Receive a discount when you attend Elisan Partners' in-person training workshops worth the equivalent of online training workshop fee
  • Additional discounts for group booking of minimum 6 participants
  • A complimentary 30-minute business agility coaching session (optional)
    • Participants can use this opportunity to:
      • Discuss concepts and activities from the training sessions
      • Discuss forward action plan beyond Agile fundamentals

Schedule & Format

  • Morning Sessions: 10am-12pm
  • Afternoon Sessions: 3pm-5pm

Participants can choose to attend either the morning sessions (10am-12pm) or afternoon sessions (3pm-5pm) over 2 consecutive days. Transfer to other dates or between morning or afternoon sessions are subject to seat availability.

Check EventBrite calendar below for latest start dates.

Workshop Topics

  • Understand why VUCA is here to stay (and, in fact, accelerating away) and how to deal with constant disruptions
  • Discover how Agile values & principles can help solve complex business or work problems brought upon by VUCA and shift away from traditional business management thinking
  • [Exercise] Learn how to make effective and sustainable decisions using the Cynefin model
  • [Exercise] Discuss and identify Agile ways of working and thinking to solve business and work challenges
  • Learn how progressive organisations are shifting their traditional ways of working into Agile-guided work culture environments
  • Understand why organisations and businesses are slow to react to Customer demands and competitor moves, and how you can help
  • Learn how to make more effective daily business or work decisions centered around the Customer
  • [Exercise] Practise developing a Kanban work system that can help improve focus, increase work quality and produce higher productivity levels
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      Trainer Profile

      Isman Tanuri

      Isman is an Organisation Development Consultant with over 20 years of international business, operations and training experience. In his Business Agility and Leadership Coach-Trainer role, he helps leaders and teams get better at working together by co-creating workplace effectiveness, and increasing productivity through Actionable & Practical Leadership, Culture Development and Self-Organisation.

      Isman is a Management 3.0 Licensed Facilitator. He is globally the only ICAgile Authorised Instructor accredited to deliver both Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF) and Agility in Marketing (ICP-MKG) Certified Professional training courses.

      Isman is a proud Strathclyde MBA with previous regional marketing leadership roles in global advertising technology firms.

      Testimonials from Past Training Participants

      What do they say

      "Energised to go make a difference"

      Fantastic training sessions - thanks Isman. We all learnt a lot and left energised to go make a difference for our customers!

      - Regional Head, Asia Pacific, Allianz Partners

      "Creative Way to Share"

      It was a creative way for people to share deeper thoughts. Isman is cool and calm as a facilitator, which is essential for such session to be effective.

      - Director, Research & Education Analytics, National University of Singapore


      Isman is a knowledgeable and personable trainer. Overall, content and training is relevant and interactive group activities are interesting.

      - Deputy VP, Customer Experience Strategy, AXA

      "Very effective and impressed"

      Overall the training was very effective and impressed on the way the content was delivered.

      - Regional Manager, Dialog Axiata


      Isman's facilitation was great - very engaging and relevant for the team, and the level of support and preparedness was outstanding.

      - Director, PMM and GTM Transformation, PayPal


      Isman is a good coach. His presentation was engaging and he provided very clear explanations.

      - Senior Associate Director, NCSS

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