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People Manager Coaching & Development Program

Program overview

Developing and sustaining high performing, productive and engaged business teams is one of the most difficult challenges in this era of digitalisation, hyper-connectivity and rapid change. The demands of the business in today's highly competitive and unpredictable environment also mean that People Managers are constantly challenged and pressured to deliver consistent exceptional results.

However, prolonged periods of intense pressure may result in underperformance, reduced quality of work, burnout and loss of motivation. In reality, this may not only affect People Managers, but also their teams.


Helping Leaders & Teams Thrive

About The Program

Elisan Partners provides a coaching solution specifically designed for People Managers to expand their practical leadership skills. This is to enhance their ability to engage, grow and sustain high-performing, effective and productive business teams. Our team-focused approach to coaching delivers greater results and impact (compared to individual coaching) and guarantees deeper engagement with every team member.

Our coaching, back-of-the-room and training support ensure People Managers are guided throughout their learning and practising journey to become more effective People Leaders and High Performing Team Developers.

practical and effective

Why develop People Managers' team development abilities?

Engaging People Managers on a team coaching and development plan creates a higher level of accountability for their team's development and ownership for the organisation's mission.

When People Managers participate in the process of learning and practising their team development skills, they are likely to gain more self-confidence, higher job motivation and deeper satisfaction with their organisation.

More importantly, coaching and facilitating their own teams will, over time, develop a higher level of leadership trust with the team itself.

for the long term

Why not hire an external expert to directly develop the teams?

Enabling People Managers with team coaching and development skills is more sustainable and cost effective in the long run.

When hired coaches or experts leave at the end of their contractual obligations, there is a tendency for a reversal of positive team behaviour without sustained leadership guidance and intervention.

Engaged People Managers who care about team development are also more likely to be concerned about developing and sustaining the organisation's broader culture in a positive way.

This coaching program is designed using progressive Agile leadership thinking and strategies, and people-centric work management methodologies.

We have also incorporated the most relevant and effective team coaching and facilitation techniques utilised by expert Agile coaches and organisational development specialists into the program.

Therefore, your People Managers will be assured of a high quality leadership and management education, and proven team coaching and facilitation skills that are applicable to the modern worker and business teams.

  • Organisations who are looking to develop and sustain a resilient and highly productive group of people in complex working environments
  • People Managers across all levels (new or experienced) and functions such as HR, Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, IT and others
  • People Managers looking to improve their people leadership and work management skills to engage with a more dynamic and digitally-connected workforce
  • During this program, our coaches provide training, coaching support and a practical leadership development plan for People Managers in your organisation. Our program consists of the following:

    • Agile leadership and work management training for People Managers
    • Team coaching and facilitation skills training for People Managers
    • Support for planning and facilitating highly effective and efficient work events and meetings
    • Support for designing and implementing Agile work practices to increase transparency, trust and motivation among team members
    • Support for designing team competency framework and measuring team performance
    • Coaching support for People Managers on resolving conflicts, communication issues and engagement challenges using systemic team coaching methods

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      Key Benefits

      What The Organisation Will Gain

      Organisational benefits of having a People Manager Coaching & Development Program include:

    • Organisations develop faster at scale by focusing on team coaching rather than individual coaching
    • Coaching teams results in a more sustainable and resilient workplace, even with the temporary or permanent absence of a team member
    • Optimising Team Performance results up to 25% more productivity and 21% more profitability than focusing on Individual Performance
    • Harness the collective expertise and experience of team members
    • Develop a more creative and innovative Customer Solutions-focused team mindset
    • Saves cost by developing a more efficient and productive workplace with agile work management capabilities
    • An opportunity for People Managers to gain self-confidence, influence, respect and trust by coaching and facilitating their own teams
    • Provide more time and opportunity for People Managers to work on strategic concerns as their teams gain self-organising and cross-functional capabilities
    • Reduce People Managers' time spent on "emergencies" and lower value work
    • Create a psychologically safe and respectful team working environment
    • Develop a culture of open accountability among team members
    • Increase trust and transparency among team members
    • Create a motivated and purposeful working environment
    • Key Benefits

      What Key Skills Will People Managers Gain

      During the coaching program, People Managers will learn and practise this set of team development techniques and skills within a planned framework:

    • Relationship Systems Thinking for wider managerial perspectives
    • Conflict and relationship management for team stability
    • Communication management for higher work efficiency and deeper team trust
    • LEGO Serious Play for more effective team communication
    • Creating Team Agreements & Alliances for team alignment
    • Implementing OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) for team focus and performance alignment
    • Design Thinking for a more collaborative and innovative approach to creating solutions
    • Liberating Structures for more effective work events and meetings
    • Agile Practices & Tools for efficient and transparent work management including Kanban, Agile ceremonies and Work Backlog management