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This Elisan Partners Live Online Training Workshop is a facilitated and highly interactive learning experience, not an online lecture or webinar. Active participation is key to effective learning!

Live Online Training Workshop

Practical Leadership Tools to Develop Highly-Effective Remote Working Teams

How to develop highly-aligned, focused and productive remote working teams from a distance

Course overview

Unforeseen crises and business challenges are forcing knowledge-based organisations to reconsider their traditional ways of working. Working remotely en masse is the new normal and teams are now collaborating online more than ever.

The immediate and ongoing challenge for leaders and managers is, without a doubt, the ability to build and sustain highly-aligned, focused and productive teams who are not physically present.

In this live online training workshop, people leaders will gain practical leadership knowledge and tools to develop high-performance teams capable of meeting business and organisational goals while working remotely.

This 6-hour 3-Module progressive learning program will deliver tools to help you:

  • Create a safe and supportive working environment by co-creating a team working contract
  • Create an effective goal system (OKRs) to help teams do focused and outcomes-driven work
  • Create a transparent single-source-of-truth team working system (Kanban) that generates higher accountability and ownership, and increases team productivity

Check detailed 'Workshop Topics' below

Practical Leadership Tools

Workshop Topics

  • Understand and learn leadership stance, style and thinking fit for complex 21st century work and challenges
  • Understand the need for an agile, resilient and self-organising team culture to overcome challenges while working in complex and online environments
  • Learn the importance of team alignment, transparency and trust, especially in remote working and distributed teams
  • [Exercise] Practise creating the 'Leader+Team Working Agreement' to create team alignment and to establish team trust
  • Learn how to align organisational purpose with personal goals and develop inspired, motivated and resilient team members despite the daily grind and unpredictable challenges
  • Productivity vs Efficiency vs Effectiveness: which is more important? Why True Customer-Centricity and Systems Thinking matter more than ever in organisational and team work life
  • Gain a deeper understanding of 'Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)', a simple goal system popularised by Google, that develops alignment & engagement around shared goals and objectives
  • [Exercise] Practise creating a team or organisational 'OKRs' to help team members focus on business goals and work activities that matter
  • Learn why and how modern work practices, corporate culture and digital technologies can be a hindrance to productivity and effective communication
  • Understand the importance of differentiating team culture vs organisational culture and why people leaders should focus more on developing team culture to gain higher team trust and sustainability
  • Understand how transparent knowledge work management systems, such as Kanban and Scrum, can improve the team's individual accountability and sense of ownership as well as increase team productivity and effectiveness
  • [Exercise] Practise building and prioritising a shared single-source-of-truth Team Work Backlog using the Kanban work management system
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      Isman Tanuri

      Testimonials from Past Training Participants

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      "Energised to go make a difference"

      Fantastic training sessions - thanks Isman. We all learnt a lot and left energised to go make a difference for our customers!

      - Regional Head, Asia Pacific, Allianz Partners

      "Creative Way to Share"

      It was a creative way for people to share deeper thoughts. Isman is cool and calm as a facilitator, which is essential for such session to be effective.

      - Director, Research & Education Analytics, National University of Singapore


      Isman is a knowledgeable and personable trainer. Overall, content and training is relevant and interactive group activities are interesting.

      - Deputy VP, Customer Experience Strategy, AXA

      "Very effective and impressed"

      Overall the training was very effective and impressed on the way the content was delivered.

      - Regional Manager, Dialog Axiata


      Isman's facilitation was great - very engaging and relevant for the team, and the level of support and preparedness was outstanding.

      - Director, PMM and GTM Transformation, PayPal


      Isman is a good coach. His presentation was engaging and he provided very clear explanations.

      - Senior Associate Director, NCSS

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