Inspiration through the Collective

Strategy Design Sprint

Program overview

With the world undergoing rapid changes in shorter cycles, the traditional business and organisational strategy-making approaches are beginning to falter because of their heavy reliance on past data and rigid problem-solving models.

For that reason, newer strategy-making approaches are needed that meet the demands of the 21st century world.

The Strategy Design Sprint is a facilitation methodology that harnesses the power of the collective to create emergent strategies that solve complex and unpredictable organisational challenges.


Designing Emergent Strategies

About the Strategy Design Sprint Workshop

Inspired by Google Venture's 5-day Design Sprint process and anchored by Design Thinking, the Strategy Design Sprint workshop combines these method with efficient and engaging group facilitation techniques including LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, Liberating Structures and Management 3.0. The workshop is a highly collaborative and inclusive activity in designing and roadmapping organisational or business strategies.

While typical strategy development methods focus on creating a pathway towards leadership's big vision, the Strategy Design Sprint method focuses on surfacing known and unknown challenges that may derail the big vision from being realised. Following Theory of Constraints, the intent is for the organisation to address existing and emergent challenges that are truly limiting the potential of its business or organisational growth despite its future-proofing investments.

Once this is understood, the Strategy Design Sprint follows a problem-solving and lean approach to strategy roadmapping and execution by using the collective expertise of workshop participants in developing implementable and testable solutions.

Depending on the client's brief, the Strategy Design Sprint can be facilitated within a 1-day session and up to a 5-day period.

Strategy Design Sprint

What Are the Key Benefits

  • Saves large consultant costs and time spent that are usually incurred for strategy development and implementation
  • Harnesses the collective expertise and experience of people in the organisation at minimal cost
  • Develops a more creative and innovative Solutions-focused employee mindset
  • Saves cost by developing progressive strategies that are testable and adjustable depending on emergent outcomes
  • Creates a higher sense of purpose and commitment by allowing people involvement from across the entire organisation in strategy-making
  • Generates higher levels of trust and transparency among members in the organisations and with the Leadership team
  • Develops a culture of open accountability among leaders and its people with an open strategy process and roadmap
  • Creates a deeper commitment by leaders and its people to implement the strategies and ensure their success

  • Allows input by various members of the organisation who are closer to the challenges or problems
  • Efficient and energetic workshop process that produces intended workshop outcomes quickly
  • Guided strategy ideation and design process by qualified facilitators experienced in organisational and business strategy development
  • Each Strategy Design Sprint is a co-designed close effort with the client to ensure 100% of the client's goals are considered and met during the workshop sessions. Our Sprint facilitators will work with business and organisational insights from the client to develop the Sprint program within the agreed workshop time frame.

  • For leaders and teams who want to harness the collective expertise, knowledge and wisdom to craft emergent strategies for unpredictable future
  • For leaders who believe that the answers to complex problems are within the people closest to the Customer or the challenges
  • For leaders who believe that people who help co-create the strategies are likely to be more committed to its implementation and to ensure its success
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