People Management Skills

Team Coaching & Facilitation Skills for People Managers

Course overview

Modern knowledge work, such as those in business including Finance, Human Resource, IT, Marketing, Operations, Sales, among others, are becoming more complex with digitalisation, faster pace of change and diverse set of challenges. To do well in this environment, organisations require a more engaged, focused and motivated workforce. Yet, up to 84% of workers around the world are disengaged and not fully contributing to their organisations, resulting in billions of dollars of loss in potential customer value and productivity.

Developing highly productive, effective and focused business teams is fast emerging as the workplace trend that will drive the unpredictable economy of the future and help organisations thrive in the increasingly complex 21st Century. Compared to traditional individual coaching, developing teams results in deeper employee engagement and a much higher overall performance, productivity levels, team resilience and operational stability.

In this 2-day training workshop, People Managers will discover how to develop and maintain their own effective and productive teams by learning the team development framework and practical team coaching and facilitation skills used by top Agile coaches and organisational development facilitators.

Through hands-on activities, exercises, peer discussions and a team development framework, this 2-day training workshop is an interactive learning opportunity that will help further develop your team coaching and facilitation skills as a People Manager. You will also learn the foundational knowledge that underpins these leadership practices and why they resonate with the modern worker and teams.

Join this training if these challenges are familiar to you:

  • Your team is unable to consistently maintain high performance and results
  • Your team is not communicating effectively
  • Individuals in your team are afraid to speak or take initiative in their work
  • There is a lack of trust and motivation among your team members
  • Too much time wasted in unproductive and repetitive meetings

Team coaching & facilitation skills you will learn in this training workshop:

  • Creating Team Agreements & Alliances
  • Simple Agile Practices & Tools for Teams
  • Design Thinking
  • Liberating Structures
  • LEGO Serious Play
  • OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)
  • Relationship Systems Thinking

Key Benefits for People Managers by developing Team Coaching & Facilitation Skills:

  • Coaching teams results in a more sustainable and resilient workplace, even with the temporary or permanent absence of a team member
  • Optimising Team Performance results up to 25% more productivity and 21% more profitability than focusing on Individual Performance
  • Gain more time and opportunity to work on strategic concerns as you develop autonomous and self-organising teams
  • Create a psychologically safe and respectful working environment
  • Develop a culture of open accountability among team members
  • Increase trust and transparency among team members
  • Harness the collective expertise and experience of team members
  • Create a motivated and purposeful working environment
  • Gains confidence, influence and respect by coaching and facilitating teams
  • Develop a more efficient and productive workplace with agile work management capabilities

What you will gain

  • Learn and practise innovative team coaching and facilitation techniques, skills and tools for workplace team management
  • Understand core principles of leading teams and managing work in an increasingly complex and unpredictable working environments
  • Understand how these leadership concepts and theories can be applied in the modern workplace
  • Gain a high level of confidence as a People Manager through the technique, skills and tools acquired in this training workshop
  • An opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and to discuss mutual concerns and solutions in an open and respectful environment
  • Topics and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why highly productive and effective teams are needed and highly relevant in today’s dynamic business environment
  • Learn about the true nature of teams and organisational relationships by understanding Complexity- and Systems-Thinking
  • Learn the importance of leading through development of a team learning culture
  • Understand why developing an aligned and unified team can lead to higher productivity and effectiveness
  • Understand the importance of defining the team's purpose and motivation with individuals' aspirations through team coaching conversations
  • Learn to develop team alignment through Team Agreements and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
  • Understand why co-creation and deep collaboration between team members are essential in delivering effective work outputs in modern knowledge economy
  • Understand why innovative practices, such as Liberating Structures, Design Thinking and Design Sprints, are becoming popular with dynamic and agile teams
  • Experience and learn co-creation activities that can be designed and delivered in the workplace
  • Understand why facilitating and managing team communication using Agile methods can minimise conflicts and misunderstanding in teams
  • Learn simple Agile practices and tools that will help develop higher levels of team trust through transparency and just-in-time communication
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      Trainer Profile

      Isman Tanuri

      Testimonials from Past Training Participants

      What do they say

      "Energised to go make a difference"

      Fantastic training sessions - thanks Isman. We all learnt a lot and left energised to go make a difference for our customers!

      - Regional Head, Asia Pacific, Allianz Partners


      He was patient, knowledgeable and a great help...It made the sessions engaging.

      - Account Director, Ace:Daytons Communications

      "Such a great trainer"

      Thanks Isman for being such a great trainer....i look forward to share this experience with the rest of the team.

      - Chief Sales Officer, Allianz Partners

      "Very effective and impressed"

      Overall the training was very effective and impressed on the way the content was delivered.

      - Regional Manager, Dialog Axiata

      "Eats, breathes and sleeps digital marketing!"

      His enthusiasm and passion in teaching and sharing his vast knowledge about this industry made me take interest in exploring and learning what digital marketing is all about.

      - Implementation Consultant, Sambaash

      "Not boring, not difficult to understand"

      Simple and interesting. It was not boring and not difficult to understand with some of the social jargons that are out there. Thank you and good luck!

      - Chief Manager, Dialog Axiata

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